The creators of Returnal warned players about the imminent release of a new patch


The creators of Returnal warned players about the imminent release of a new patch

The Finnish studio Housemarque, in its official microblog, has warned all buyers of its roguelike shooter Returnal about the imminent release of the next update for the game.


As announced, the aforementioned patch for Returnal (version not specified) will be available for download to users of the project today, May 5, at 22:00 Moscow.

What exactly the upcoming patch will bring to Returnal, the developers do not disclose ahead of schedule: the list of changes will be published simultaneously with the update release.

Housemarque also advised everyone who does not want to lose their run due to the patch to disable the automatic update function on the PS5: the instructions can be found on the PlayStation website.

The previous patch – released on May 3 01.003.001 – has not yet received an official list of changes. According to player feedback, the patch fixed loading issues and some crashes and improved stability and performance.

Shortly after the release, the developers recognized the main problems of Returnal, including its save mechanics: when you exit the game or turn off the PS5, the system resets the user’s progress as part of an already running cycle.

Returnal made its debut on April 30 this year, exclusively on PlayStation 5. The project started at # 2 in the UK retail chart, significantly behind New Pokemon Snap, the week’s leader.

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