The creators of the game “Rus vs. Lizards” talked about sales and income


Sold over 100,000 copies

Game designer and one of the project developers Daniil Kosachev confirmed that the game “Rus vs. Lizards” has sold more than 100 thousand copies, but the developers cannot yet receive money from Steam.

“Rus vs. Lizards” was created by The Bratans studio based on memes about the confrontation between ancient Rus and Lizards. The game was released at the end of September and in the first weeks of sales made it into the top 10 on Russian Steam.

“I can’t fully announce sales, but it’s more than 100 thousand copies. We did not expect that we would succeed, and we are still in shock, we are very pleased with your attention and support, dear Russians,” Kosachev said.

The creators of the game “Rus vs. Lizards” talked about sales and income

Rus vs. Lizards
Rus vs. Lizards

He confirmed that about half of the income goes to cover commissions for digital stores and pay taxes.

“Steam has not yet brought us money due to problems related to the inability to transfer money normally to the Russian Federation. We haven’t received anything yet. We are waiting and hoping. We have earned 60 thousand rubles so far from the VK Play service. We are also still waiting for the withdrawal of these funds,” added Daniil Kosachev.

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