The decline of the iPhone and the dawn of Huawei?


Deliveries are promised in November or December

On the Chinese social network, the iPhone 15 and its price reduction, which has continued since the start of sales of new Apple smartphones, are leading the ranking of the most popular requests.

According to Mydrivers, prices for all iPhone 15 models have dropped significantly. Some models can be purchased with a discount of $150 or more for older versions with the Pro prefix.

iPhone and Huawei
iPhone and Huawei

The decline of the iPhone and the dawn of Huawei?

Previously, a research report published by Counterpoint Research confirmed that sales of the iPhone 15 series were 4.5% lower in the 17 days since its release in China than iPhone 14 sales last year. At the same time, sales of the iPhone 15 Pro Max fell the most – by 14%. It is followed by the iPhone 15 Pro with an 11% drop. This situation turned out to be very unusual for the launch of new iPhones.

The situation with the Huawei Mate 60 series is different. There are no Mate 60 smartphones in online stores. Huawei’s official flagship store on also has no smartphones in stock and accepts purchase orders twice a day.

Even if you manage to order a smartphone, deliveries will not be until November or December.

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