The function of grouping tabs has appeared in the Google Chrome browser


The function of grouping tabs has appeared in the Google Chrome browser

A few months ago, Google announced the imminent appearance in the Chrome browser of a feature that allows you to group tabs. Now it became known that this tool is available to all users of the popular browser.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

To start using the grouping function, just download and install Chrome 85.0.4183.102, in which this tool is activated by default. Previously, tab grouping was available in beta versions of the browser, where it had to be manually activated. For those who prefer to use stable versions of the browser, this feature has become available only now.

This tool is useful for users who interact with a large number of tabs. Now you can easily combine tabs into groups, marking each of them with a different name and color. Thus, users will be able to organize their work by distributing the tabs into groups in accordance with the tasks and their own needs.

To create a new group, just right-click on any tab, select the appropriate option, set a name, and select a distinctive color. The creation of a large number of groups is supported so that the user can distribute and conveniently organize all the tabs open in the browser.

If you use Google Chrome on Windows or macOS, then after installing the current version of the browser, the grouping of tabs will be available automatically. If you are using a Chromebook, tab grouping will be available in Chrome 85.0.4183.84 and later.



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