A simple but very useful innovation of Google Chrome. The browser will turn into a free PDF editor


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:12 pm

The edited version of the document can be downloaded to a computer

Google is preparing to launch a new feature for the Chrome browser. A simple but very useful innovation will turn the browser into a free PDF editor. 

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

A simple but very useful innovation of Google Chrome. The browser will turn into a free PDF editor

Judging by the documentation in the Chromium project, Google has prepared a simple solution for a problem that many browser users have complained about. We are talking about situations where you fill in the fields in a PDF file opened through Chrome, and then save it to your computer and find that the original version was saved and all the edits were gone. 

It is solved simply: an additional option will appear in the PDF viewer interface for downloading an edited version of a document. Thus, the user will be able to download both the original and the edited version. 

The feature is expected to appear in the near future in the early test builds of the Canary Chrome browser. However, before its appearance in the stable version, a couple of months or even more may pass. 

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