The Kia Carnival Makes a Grand Return to India: A Closer Look at the Facelifted MPV


Calling all minivan enthusiasts! The Kia Carnival, a popular premium MPV, is poised for a comeback in the Indian market. This exciting news has car buyers buzzing with anticipation, especially after recent sightings of the fourth-generation model undergoing undisguised testing on Indian roads. This facelifted version of the Carnival was unveiled globally in November 2023, and its arrival in India signifies Kia’s commitment to cater to the evolving needs of families seeking comfort, space, and style in a multi-seater vehicle.

Kia Carnival Makes
Kia Carnival Makes

A Fresh Take on Design: Exterior Enhancements

The leaked spy shots offer a tantalizing glimpse of the Carnival’s revamped exterior. Compared to its predecessor, the third-generation model discontinued in India a year ago, this new iteration appears to boast a more imposing presence. Here’s a breakdown of the key design updates:

  • Bold and Upright Front: The new Carnival features a more upright front fascia, creating a sense of authority and visual grandeur. This design choice is accentuated by a wider grille, reminiscent of the Hyundai Alcazar, featuring a chrome finish that exudes sophistication. A brushed aluminum faux skid plate adds a touch of ruggedness and complements the overall aesthetic.
  • Modern Lighting Design: Gone are the days of the previous Carnival’s headlights. The facelifted model features a sleek and contemporary headlamp design with L-shaped daytime running lights (DRLs). This new lighting configuration adds a touch of dynamism and aligns with Kia’s current design language.
  • Familiar Yet Refined Side Profile: The spy shots reveal a familiar silhouette, retaining the sliding rear doors – a signature element of minivans – and large glass window panes that provide a sense of openness and excellent passenger visibility. However, a closer look reveals new alloy wheels, which appear larger than the 17-inch units seen on the previous model. This change is likely to enhance the Carnival’s overall stance and road presence.
  • Rear Design With a Touch of Adventure: The rear of the new Carnival embodies Kia’s latest design philosophy, featuring sharper and interconnected LED taillights that convey a sense of modernity. The rear bumper boasts prominent cladding and a faux skid plate, mirroring the design elements at the front and reinforcing the adventurous spirit of this premium MPV.
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A Glimpse into the Expected Interior and Features

While the spy shots haven’t captured the interior of the test vehicle, we can make informed predictions based on the international version of the fourth-generation Carnival. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dual Panoramic Displays: Kia is likely to equip the Indian-spec Carnival with a similar dual-screen layout as the international model. This cutting-edge setup features two 12.3-inch displays seamlessly integrated into a single glass panel, offering a visually stunning and technologically advanced driving experience.
  • Revamped Controls and Advanced Tech: The interior is likely to receive a refresh in terms of controls and functionalities. Expect redesigned air conditioning controls for intuitive operation and the potential integration of additional features like a heads-up display and a digital rearview mirror. Further elevating the driving experience, the Indian-spec Carnival might also incorporate advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) similar to those offered on Kia’s Sonet and Seltos SUVs.

Engine Options and Performance: A Cause for Speculation

The internationally available Kia Carnival boasts a diverse range of engine options, including a powerful 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine capable of generating 287 PS and 353 Nm of torque, and a fuel-efficient 1.6-liter petrol-hybrid option churning out 242 PS and a staggering 367 Nm of torque. However, the specific engine configuration for the India-spec model remains under wraps. Previously, the Indian market only received the Kia Carnival with a 2.2-liter diesel engine paired with an automatic transmission. Car enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly await the official announcement to see if Kia will introduce the exciting petrol or hybrid powertrains to India or continue with a diesel-only option.

Competitive Landscape and Price Expectations

The return of the Kia Carnival in India will undoubtedly stir up competition in the premium MPV segment. A potential rival could be the recently launched Toyota Innova Hycross, currently priced between Rs 19.77 lakh and Rs 30.98 lakh (ex-showroom). However, considering the Carnival’s premium positioning and the potential inclusion of a powerful V6 engine option, it’s likely to be priced above the higher-end hybrid variants of the Innova Hycross.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the Kia Carnival facelift be launched in India?

A: Kia has not yet officially announced a launch date for the facelifted Carnival in India. However, considering the undisguised test vehicle sightings, a launch sometime in late 2024 or early 2025 seems plausible.

Q: Which engine options will be available in the India-spec Kia Carnival?

A: This is one of the biggest questions surrounding the launch. While the international model offers a 3.5L V6 petrol and a 1.6L petrol-hybrid option, Kia might choose to stick with a diesel engine for the Indian market, similar to the previous generation. An official announcement from Kia will be necessary to confirm the engine options.

Q: Will the new Kia Carnival offer any advanced driver-assistance features (ADAS)?

A: Given Kia’s commitment to safety features in other models like the Sonet and Seltos, it’s highly likely that the India-spec Carnival will also incorporate ADAS functionalities. The specific features offered might vary depending on the variant, but potential inclusions could be automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring.

Q: How will the Kia Carnival facelift stack up against the Toyota Innova Hycross?

A: Both MPVs cater to families seeking spacious and comfortable people carriers. However, the Carnival is likely to be positioned slightly more premium compared to the Innova Hycross. This could be reflected in features, the potential inclusion of a powerful V6 engine option, and likely a higher price tag. The final verdict on their competitiveness will depend on the official feature list and pricing strategy for the Kia Carnival facelift in India.

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