The most profitable pre-New Year offers for cars were announced by the Mercedes-Benz dealer “Star of the Neva”


Maximum discounts will be on premium models or new brands

Before the holidays, car dealers promise big discounts on car purchases. According to the head of the marketing department of the Neva Star company (Mercedes-Benz dealer) Daniil Serebryakov, maximum discounts will apply from December to February. He confirmed that real discounts of up to 1 million rubles are possible for premium cars when using credit programs and exchanging an old car. Particularly generous offers are provided for models that are being withdrawn from the range, are not in great demand or are seeking to strengthen their position in the market.

Dmitry Shmarai, head of the new car sales department at Avtopole, emphasizes that by the end of the year all car brands and dealers strive to achieve their annual plans, and this stimulates the provision of discounts. He advises those considering buying on credit not to delay the decision.

“It’s worth counting on pre-New Year discounts. Dealers and distributors have enough vehicles in their warehouses to cover the suspension of deliveries during the Chinese holidays. You need to understand that for the most part our market is represented by large automobile companies with well-established logistics that provide for such situations, and there will be no shortage of cars at the beginning of the year. It is important to pay attention to another point: by the end of the year, all brands and dealers will strive to fulfill their annual plan and, due to this, make discounts. It also makes sense not to delay the purchase for those who want to purchase a car on credit. For them, the beginning of December will be the best time, since loan rates are expected to increase in the middle of the month. In January, we will see annual price indexation, and if discounts remain at the same level, purchasing a car will be more expensive,” comments Dmitry Shmaray.

The most profitable pre-New Year offers for cars were announced by the Mercedes-Benz dealer “Star of the Neva”


Meanwhile, the general director of Avtodom Group of Companies, Andrei Olkhovsky, warns that from the beginning of 2024, the cost of cars for most brands is expected to increase, the average price will rise to 15%. Today, the 2023 BMW X6 in the M Sport version can be purchased at a discount of up to half a million rubles. All-wheel drive electric liftback Zeekr 001 with 544 hp. can be purchased at 6% cheaper. The discount on the Volvo XC90 will be 10%, on the Audi Q5 Sportback – 13%, on the Audi A6 V generation – 15%. They also promise an increase in the warranty period as a gift.

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According to the statement of the head of the Automarketer project, Oleg Moseev, in 2023, car prices in Russia increased by 8–18%, depending on the make and model.

Since the beginning of 2023, used cars have risen in price by an average of 203 thousand rubles, or 15.4%. If in January the average price of a used passenger car was 1,315,000 rubles, then in October it already reached 1,518,000 rubles.

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