The original iPhones are getting more expensive


The auction will last until February 19

An unopened iPhone was put up for auction by LCG Auctions. It started on Thursday, February 2, and will last until February 19. The final price is expected to be at least $50,000.

Apple Insider interviewed Karen Green, iPhone owner. Green tells the story of how she got the phone and why it hasn’t been used all this time. In 2007, Green received a gift from her friends after she landed a management job at PetSmart.

However, she already had three phones that worked with Verizon. Because the original iPhone was only compatible with AT&T, Green decided to just keep the iPhone unopened.


In 2019, her phone was already offered at $5,000, but she decided to keep it for a few more years. Now she is going to sell it to help finance her business.

In October 2022, the factory-packed iPhone sold for $39,340 , exceeding the expected sale price of $30,000.

In August 2022, a factory-packed iPhone sold for $35,000 and an unopened first generation iPod for $25,000.

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