The unique Intel processor is only 3-5% faster than the Core i9-13900K. Core i9-13900KS tests appear


Announcement in January

Core i9-13900KS test results leaked online, and they checked an unannounced CPU in Cinebench R23, which is much better than the same Geekbench.

Core i9-13900KS
Core i9-13900KS

Recall that the Core i9-13900KS is almost identical to the Core i9-13900K, but the maximum frequency out of the box will be 6 GHz. True, the current flagship also has 5.8 GHz, and therefore the results of the two CPUs are expectedly very close.


The novelty is faster by 3-5% than in general can be neglected. By the way, there are also the results of the yet unannounced Core i9-13900, which will offer the same 24 cores, but with frequencies of 4.2-5.6 GHz, and it also lags behind its older counterparts in multi-threaded mode by only a few percent. At the same time, it should be cheaper than the Core i9-13900K/KS.

It is expected that the Core i9-13900KS may be presented at CES 2023, and it will be available for sale shortly after the announcement.



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