The Xbox Series S also suffers from 8 GB of VRAM.


Weird that this game was Borderlands 3

It seems that the problem with the lack of 8 GB of video memory in modern games has reached consoles. One of the users of the Xbox Series S posted a photo, which shows that the console during the game issued an alert with an error due to lack of memory. 

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Interestingly, the bug appeared in the game Borderlands 3, which is not included in the list of the latest projects that require a lot of video memory.  

The Xbox Series S also suffers from 8 GB of VRAM.

Most likely, this is a single problem, but it does occur, which means that the video memory of the Xbox Series S is still low. In fact, developers have been complaining about this feature of Microsoft’s junior console for a long time, because of which they have to do additional optimization work. 

As a reminder, Series S is equipped with 10 GB of total memory, however, only 8 GB work with normal bandwidth. Actually, they are available for the GPU.  

Recall that the situation with the lack of 8 GB of video memory has been discussed very actively lately. Perhaps it is thanks to this that we will still get the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti with 16 GB of memory, although it will have to wait.  

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