There will now be more Tu-214 aircraft.


Construction began today.

Construction work has started on the construction of a new workshop for the assembly of Tu-214 aircraft in Kazan

On November 9, the Kazan Aviation Plant began construction of a machining center for the production of long parts and a new building for the modular and final assembly of Tu-214 aircraft.

“The launch of new facilities will make it possible to fulfill obligations under the program for the production and delivery of Tu-214 aircraft as part of a comprehensive development program for the aviation industry,” said Yuri Slyusar, general director of the United Aircraft Corporation, which includes the Kazan Aircraft Plant.

There will now be more Tu-214 aircraft.

Tu-214 aircraft
Tu-214 aircraft

Prior to this, Tu-214 aircraft were produced individually in Kazan for government customers. In August 2023, the government approved an increase in Tu-214 production volumes until 2030 from 70 to 115 aircraft. For this purpose, about 42 billion rubles were additionally allocated from the National Welfare Fund.

It is expected that the Tu-214 (and the newer MC-21) will be able to partially replace foreign aircraft in commercial passenger air travel in Russia. A preliminary agreement for the purchase of 40 Tu-214 aircraft was signed by the Aeroflot group a year ago.

Now in Russia, the Tu-214 and aircraft of a similar modification, the Tu-204, are used only for government and corporate transportation.

Tu-214 is a Russian medium-haul passenger airliner that seats up to 210 people and flies a distance of up to 6,500 km. Modern avionics, a comfortable cabin, and economical fuel consumption make it attractive to airlines.

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