This is not Tesla Cybertruck. Ford F-Series all-electric pickup coming out in 2022


And they will show it in a month

Pickups in the United States – the most served class of cars. Ford pickups are the best-selling cars in the States. Last year, Ford F-Series pickups sold nearly 900,000 cars in the United States alone. And therefore, the Ford electric pickup truck is much more interesting in terms of potential purchase for many than the Tesla Cybertruck.

Ford F-Series
Ford F-Series

This is not Tesla Cybertruck. Ford F-Series all-electric pickup coming out in 2022

At the beginning of last year, Ford officially announced that it was working on an electric F-Series, and a little later published a video where a prototype of such a car pulled a train weighing over 450 tons.

And now the company representative said that the mass production of such pickups will start by mid-2022, that is, by the end of this year, cars should already be on sale.

While we do not have technical details, but they will be very soon since the official announcement is scheduled for July.  

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