This Tesla Model Y is already running on its third battery after only 100,000 km.


Why electric cars are not the best choice for taxi drivers

Tesla cars, and electric vehicles in general, may not be the best choice for drivers of Uber or other ride-hailing services who make a living doing it, according to a story published on the YouTube channel Out of Spec Guide.

The owner of the new Tesla Model Y said that the car was purchased in April 2021. A year later, he drove about 64 thousand km, after which the electric car began to show less and less remaining range when the battery was fully charged.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Initially, the range on a full charge was 525 km, but after a week the estimated range was just over 418 km. Tesla eventually issued an error BMS_a066 – “Maximum battery level and range may be reduced.” A week later the car stopped charging. The owner made an appointment at a Tesla service center, where he was informed that the high-voltage battery needed to be replaced and all this would be done under warranty, since the electric car was only one year old.

This Tesla Model Y is already running on its third battery after only 100,000 km.

As the owner later found out, he did not receive a new battery. If the battery is replaced under warranty, Tesla will provide a remanufactured battery that uses used cells instead of new ones.

After just 30,000 km, the car again displayed the same error, indicating that the replacement battery had also failed. The second time, the owner went to another Tesla service center, where he had the battery replaced within a week.

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Today he has about 170,000 km on the odometer, that is, he has driven more on the second replacement battery, but the battery warranty expires at 190,000 km, which means that next time he may have to shell out more than $10,000 for replacement out of your own pocket.


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