TikTok made it easier for content creators to communicate with their followers


TikTok made it easier for content creators to communicate with their followers

According to online sources, the developers of the popular short video service TikTok have launched a new feature that will simplify communication between video authors and their subscribers. We are talking about the function of questions and answers, which previously became available in test mode to the authors of videos with more than 10 thousand subscribers.


According to available data, the mentioned innovation affects both pre-recorded videos and live broadcasts. Subscribers can ask their questions in the form of comments to the video, while the author of the video has the ability to answer them by voice or in text.

During online broadcasts, the author can select the questions he likes using a special menu to highlight them while answering on the air. If the author answers a question in a video, then a special sticker can be placed in the comments with a link to the video in which this question was asked. A new menu has appeared in the content authors’ profile, in which all questions and answers are combined for more convenient interaction with them.

The source says that the mentioned function has become available to all users of the platform. To use questions and answers, activate the corresponding option in the profile settings menu. The Q&A feature has been tested with a limited number of video creators over the past few weeks, and now the developers have announced a massive rollout.

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