One of the most unusual motherboards


You can’t even think about her.

It seems that motherboards with an unusual implementation of the chipset system will soon become a fairly familiar product. Asus has released the X670 Mini-ITX model, based, as the name implies, on the top AMD X670 chipset. And, as we remember, it consists of two chips that form the basis of the B650 chipset. In the case of Asus, only one of these chips is soldered directly on the board. 


The second is made in the form of a small removable board with a PCIe interface, which is connected to the main board. We have already seen something similar with ASRock , but the implementation is more unusual. 

motherboards motherboards

As you can see, this is not just a board – it is hidden behind the cooling system in a fully assembled board. That is, the user as a whole may not be aware of such an unusual designThis was done in order to save space on an already small Mini-ITX board.  

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