To make artificial intelligence more secure.


Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and others will watermark AI-generated content

Major tech giants will tag AI-generated content in a special way. Alphabet, OpenAI, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta* and others have made voluntary commitments to the White House to implement the measures. 

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

To make artificial intelligence more secure.

Companies will mark AI-generated content with special watermarks. This should make AI technology more secure. 

The companies also pledged to thoroughly test systems before they are released and share information on how to reduce risks and invest in cybersecurity

In the US, they are currently working on bills related to the regulation of AI. For example, one would require political ads to disclose whether AI was used to create images or other content

Recall that yesterday the world’s most powerful supercomputer for training artificial intelligence was presented . 

*Meta is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned

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