Top 10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies of All Time


Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror Movies of All Time

Horror movies, often underestimated by critics like the Academy, have demonstrated their potential to become blockbuster hits, captivating audiences and generating massive box office earnings. Crafting a successful horror film requires capturing that elusive spark of suspense and terror that resonates with viewers.

10 Highest-Grossing Horror Movies of All Time
10 Highest-Grossing Horror Movies of All Time

Yet, defining what constitutes a horror movie can be a point of contention, blurring the lines between genres. Take “Prometheus,” for instance—a science-fiction epic intertwined with horror elements, ultimately deemed worthy of inclusion due to its ties to the legendary “Alien” franchise.

Claiming the top spot on the list of highest-grossing horror movies is “IT,” the remake that amassed a staggering $700,381,759 at the global box office. This spine-chilling tale delves into the horrors unleashed by Pennywise the Clown upon the unsuspecting residents of Derry, centering around the harrowing experiences of The Losers’ Club.

Continuing the reign of terror from the “IT” series, “IT Chapter Two” also secures a spot on the list, though with a slightly less impressive box office haul of $473,093,228.

In close second place is “The Sixth Sense,” a haunting masterpiece released in 1999 that collected an astonishing $672,806,292 in ticket sales. Director M. Night Shyamalan boasts two entries in the top 10, with “Signs” securing the eighth spot.

The classics refuse to be ignored, as “Jaws” and “The Exorcist” firmly secure positions in the top 10 despite their vintage release dates. The question of inflation inevitably arises when assessing these longstanding favorites.

In terms of sheer ticket sales, both “Jaws” and “The Exorcist” proudly stand as the reigning champions, underscoring their timeless appeal and lasting impact.

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Here’s a rundown of the highest-grossing horror movies that have left audiences trembling in their seats:

  1. IT – Worldwide Box Office: $700,381,759 (2017)
  2. The Sixth Sense – Worldwide Box Office: $672,806,292 (1999)
  3. I Am Legend – Worldwide Box Office: $585,349,010 (2007)
  4. World War Z – Worldwide Box Office: $540,007,876 (2013)
  5. IT Chapter Two – Worldwide Box Office: $473,093,228 (2019)
  6. Jaws – Worldwide Box Office: $470,653,000 (1975)
  7. The Exorcist – Worldwide Box Office: $441,306,145 (1973)
  8. Signs – Worldwide Box Office: $408,247,917 (2002)
  9. Prometheus – Worldwide Box Office: $403,354,469 (2012)
  10. The Nun – Worldwide Box Office: $365,550,119 (2018)

While these numbers undoubtedly reflect the commercial success of these films, it’s important to remember that the true measure of horror’s impact goes beyond the box office, reaching deep into the psyche of viewers who continue to be enthralled by the macabre.

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