Traveling Abroad with Jio? Don’t Panic if You Forget Your International Pack!


Planning an international trip is exciting! But amidst the packing frenzy and itinerary planning, forgetting to activate an international roaming plan on your Jio SIM card can happen to the best of us. Stranded without data and unable to make calls can quickly turn your dream vacation into a technological nightmare.

However, fear not, Jio users! Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to access data, calls, and SMS while traveling abroad, even if you haven’t pre-activated an international roaming pack.

Jio International Roaming
Jio International Roaming

Pre-Departure: Enabling International Roaming on Your Jio SIM

Before you even board your flight, ensure international roaming is enabled on your Jio SIM card. This can be done conveniently through the My Jio app:

  1. Launch the My Jio app and log in using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” section, typically located at the bottom right corner of the app interface.
  3. Within Settings, locate the “Service settings” option.
  4. Under “Service settings,” you’ll find the “International Roaming” option. Select this option.
  5. Finally, tap on “Activate”. Jio will then send you an SMS confirming successful activation.

Traveling Without an International Pack: Your Options

Here’s the good news: even without a pre-activated international roaming pack, you still have ways to stay connected while abroad with your Jio SIM card.

1. Top-Up Recharge and Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Jio offers a variety of top-up recharge plans starting from as low as Rs 10. These recharge amounts can be used for data browsing, voice calls, or SMS depending on your needs. However, it’s crucial to remember that data, voice, and SMS charges will vary based on the country you’re visiting. These rates tend to be significantly higher than international roaming pack charges.

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2. Exploring International Roaming Packs

Jio offers a diverse selection of international roaming packs catering to different travel styles and budgets. These packs typically provide bundled data, voice minutes, and SMS allowances for a specific duration and for the specific country you’re visiting.

Here’s a breakdown of Jio’s international roaming pack offerings:

  • Global Packs:
    • Jio offers two global packs, one with Wi-Fi calling enabled and another without. These packs offer benefits usable across various countries.
  • Data-Only Packs:
    • For data-focused travelers, Jio provides four data-only packs offering varying data allowances for different durations.
  • Voice & Data Packs:
    • If you need both data and voice calling capabilities, Jio offers four voice and data packs combining voice minutes and data allowances for various durations and countries.

Finding the Perfect International Roaming Pack:

To determine the most suitable international roaming pack for your needs, visit the official Jio website:

On the website, navigate to the “International Roaming Plans” section and select the country you’ll be visiting. This will display all available international roaming pack options for that specific country. Choose the pack that best aligns with your data usage, calling needs, and budget.

Jio’s International Roaming Services: A Summary

Jio offers a flexible approach to international roaming. While pre-activating an international roaming pack is ideal for a cost-effective and predictable experience, forgetting to do so doesn’t mean you’re completely out of options. With top-up recharge and pay-as-you-go rates, you can still stay connected, albeit at a higher cost per unit. Additionally, Jio’s diverse range of international roaming packs offers customizable solutions tailored to different travel styles and budgets.

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Important Considerations:

  • Data Usage Alert: Be mindful of data usage when relying on top-up recharge and pay-as-you-go rates, as data charges can be high abroad. Consider using Wi-Fi hotspots whenever possible and downloading content beforehand if planning on significant data consumption.
  • Destination Roaming Rates: Research roaming rates for the specific country you’ll be visiting before your trip. This allows you to make informed decisions about how much data to purchase or which roaming pack to choose.
  • Alternative Communication Options: Consider using free Wi-Fi networks or messaging apps like WhatsApp for communication when a data connection isn’t readily available.


What is International Roaming?

International roaming allows you to use your Jio SIM card to access data, make calls, and send SMS while traveling outside India.

How do I activate international roaming on my Jio SIM?

You can activate international roaming via the MyJio app by navigating to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Service settings,’ and then ‘Activate’ under ‘International Roaming.’

Can I use top-up plans for international roaming?

Yes, after activating international roaming, you can recharge with a top-up plan and use the balance for data, calls, and SMS.

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