Video: Iron Maiden Rell’s Abilities and the New War Queens Event in League of Legends

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Video: Iron Maiden Rell’s Abilities and the New War Queens Event in League of Legends

For The Game Awards 2020, Riot Games has prepared a series of news related to its popular game, League of Legends. First of all, she talked about the new MOBA champion, presented in advance – the iron maiden Rell, to whom a small but bright animation video is dedicated.

League of Legends

The armoured warrior takes revenge on her offenders using metal magic. “The lot of the weak is to fight, the lot of the strong is to live. This is what the teachers hammered into my head. They wanted me to become strong, cruel, cold as a rock. Now it’s my turn to teach them a lesson, ”says the heroine in this video. It is shown how she turns pieces of metal into armour, then into her steed, as well as how she crushes the armour of her opponent.

In addition, a video is presented with an overview of abilities and recommendations for effective play for Rell. Passive skill “Relentless Force” makes enemies weaker and Rell stronger. It attacks slowly, but upon hit, it briefly steals some of the target’s armour and magic resistance, and also deals additional damage. The more enemies it attacks, the more protection it receives, extending the duration of the effect on other opponents.

By pressing Q, the champion delivers a long-range piercing lunge to multiple targets and destroys the shield. Ferromancy on W consists of two parts: the heroine transforms the horse into an all-metal shell, jumps forward and knocks up surrounding enemies, receiving a shield that lasts until it is destroyed or Rell changes shape. In armour, she has more protection, on a horse – speed. On E, the Poles Ability creates a bond with a nearby ally, fortifying armour and magic resistance. Once again using the ability, the legend stuns enemies between itself and the tied ally and deals damage. Also in this mode, Rell and her ally are healed. A Magnetic Storm on R surrounds the Iron Maiden in a field that can attract enemies and deal damage over time. Enemies can escape from magnetic captivity.

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Rell grew up at the secret Black Rose Academy. She was forced to use for romancy against other children so that with each victory they got their magic and increased her strength. Now, this armoured warrior of support seeks revenge on her tormentors. In addition to the videos mentioned, a video with the champion’s theme is also presented:

Finally, the developers announced the beginning of the next in-game event War Queens 2020. From December 11th to January 11th, League of Legends players can try on the Warrior Queens outfit with colour schemes, emotes, and the return of Assault Nexus. More details in a separate trailer:

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