Video of the day: self-driving car Mobileye testing in Munich and on the Autobahn


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

Self-driving cars Mobileye allowed testing anywhere in Germany

In July 2020, Mobileye, a machine vision and software development company for self-driving cars, announced that TÜV Süd, an independent technical service provider in Germany, had authorized it to test self-driving vehicles. The permit gave Mobileye the ability to test the vehicles in real driving conditions on all German roads at speeds up to 130 km / h. Soon, tests began in Munich, which later covered the motorways connecting the administrative center of Bavaria with other cities.

Mobileye testing
Mobileye testing

Video of the day: self-driving car Mobileye testing in Munich and on the Autobahn

A video published by Intel, which bought Mobileye for $ 15.3 billion in 2017, gives an idea of ​​how the tests are going. In the video report, which lasts almost an hour, a self-driving car moves through city streets and the Autobahn. The video demonstrates the “unmatched ability” of the self-driving system to drive in challenging conditions, Intel said, drawing on Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) high-definition mapping technology. The peculiarity of this technology is that the data for creating maps and keeping them up to date is constantly generated by a huge number of cars equipped with driver assistance systems. According to Mobileye, more than 15 million kilometers of roads are reported daily.

Note that the self-driving system of the tested vehicle has only cameras. At the same time, the car develops a speed of up to 130 km / h, turns left at a busy intersection, changes lanes, avoids obstacles, and performs other difficult maneuvers. All this is done safely, taking into account the environment as much as possible.

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As for the cameras, there are 11 of them. The video from them is processed by two Mobileye EyeQ 5 single-chip systems. The camera subsystem is part of the Mobileye L4 self-driving motion system. The second subsystem includes radar and lidar.

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