Video: Personalizing a Succubus and Your Own Lair in the Succubus Trailer


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:47 pm

Video: Personalizing a Succubus and Your Own Lair in the Succubus Trailer

Madmind Studio, known for the horror film Agony, has released a new trailer for Succubus – a first-person action game where users will transform into a succubus. The latest video is entirely devoted to the cosmetic improvements of their lair, as well as changes in the appearance of the main character named Vidia.


First, the video demonstrates how players can decorate their personal abode in the vastness of hell. They are free to install sculptures of the main character, add demons dangling on ropes, various altars, and so on. There will even be lost souls at Vidia’s base who atone for their sins. In addition, users can change the appearance of buildings by choosing one of the available options.

In the second half of the trailer, the developers showed cosmetic changes for the main character. She can choose her skin color and body shape, as well as add all kinds of scars. Vidia’s armor and weapons are also amenable to change – so, in the video, they showed more than ten equipment options, and at the end, they showed the face of a succubus without a helmet and injuries.

Succubus will be released on PC ( Steam ), the release date is still undisclosed.

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