Wait for Redmi K70 Pro if you want a cheaper flagship


There is no announcement date yet

Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group and General Manager of the Redmi brand, has already begun to actively advertise the Redmi K70 Pro after the announcement of Xiaomi 14. Although he publishes his latest messages on Weibo from Xiaomi 14.

If you want to buy a more cost-effective flagship mobile phone powered by Snapdragon 8Gen3 SoC, then wait for the Redmi K70 Pro. In terms of performance, it will surpass other products of the same class and the same positioning, while it will receive a body made of higher-quality materials. The price/quality ratio will surprise you. So, if you like the Xiaomi 14, you can buy it, or you can wait a little and choose a cheaper flagship. It will be out very soon.

Wait for the Redmi K70 Pro if you want a cheaper flagship

Redmi K70 Pro
Redmi K70 Pro

Xiaomi Director of New Products Wang Teng Thomas previously confirmed that Redmi, together with its partners, has identified and led the release of Chinese flagship screens with 2K and 1.5K resolution.

He added that these screens are one year ahead of the industry, and the first smartphones with such displays, which will be released in the Redmi K70 series, will have truly flagship characteristics and will have no equal in their class.

There is no announcement date for the Redmi K70 Pro yet.

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