“We definitely lost to them”: director of new Yakuza praises Ghost of Tsushima


“We definitely lost to them”: director of new Yakuza praises Ghost of Tsushima

Yakuza: Like a Dragon director and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio founder Toshihiro Nagoshi shared his thoughts on Ghost of Tsushima during yesterday’s Sega broadcast.


According to Nagoshi, Sucker Punch Productions showed the courage to develop the project in the chosen time period (the era of the first Mongol invasion of Japan – approx.), And it paid off.

“We definitely lost to them. I think the Japanese should have made this game, but I heard that [at Sucker Punch Productions] did a monstrous amount of data collection and stuff like that, ” Nagoshi said.

In particular, the game designer was surprised by the choice of the protagonist – Jin Sakai is not at all handsome by Japanese standards: “I’m sure if designers in any other company had brought [this character’s] concept art, they would have been rejected

“This is the type of work done by foreigners that makes it seem like they are more Japanese than we are. Amazing. We often assume that Westerners will never understand some of the Japanese aspects, but this game shows the fallacy of this way of thinking, ”commented Nagoshi.

The director of Yakuza: Like a Dragon isn’t the only Japanese to extol Ghost of Tsushima. Earlier, the maximum score for the samurai action movie Sucker Punch Productions was given in Famitsu magazine, which happens to the game from the western studio only for the third time.

Ghost of Tsushima was released on July 17 this year exclusively on PlayStation 4. The project set a record for Sony Interactive Entertainment games for new intellectual property and became a hit in Japan.



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