What happens if you connect ChatGPT to Boston Dynamics robots


But does not know the founder of the company

Boston Dynamics, known for its line of robots, demonstrated with the example of the robot dog Spot what can be achieved by connecting the power of the ChatGPT chatbot. A short demonstration video shows how the robotic dog acts as a tour guide. 

ChatGPT to Boston Dynamics robots
ChatGPT to Boston Dynamics robots

What happens if you connect ChatGPT to Boston Dynamics robots

Software engineer Matt Klingensmith said developing a robot guide was the easiest and fastest way to test the ability of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to perform tasks beyond the data on which they are based and trained. Essentially, the robot can walk around the company premises, examining objects. 

It uses a subtitle model to describe objects in its field of view, further refining its description using LLM. The robot can also answer user questions and even plan its next actions. 

The robot can switch between “personalities” with different characteristics, passions, and hobbies. One of them, for example, is passionate about minerals and precious metals, and “Josh” is prone to sarcasm and causticity. The company said:

We immediately realized that “bitter” or “sarcastic” personalities worked very well, and we even had the robot go on a Bigfoot hunt around the office.

The robotic tour guide can even use “body language,” such as pointing its arm toward the nearest person to explain a concept. 

The team encountered several surprises during the development process. For example, when the robot was asked who Marc Raibert (one of the founders and president of Boston Dynamics) was, he replied that he did not know and recommended contacting IT support for further assistance. 

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