Why should iPhone 14 Pro be bought on Day One


iPhone 14 Pro is official and together with their older brother iPhone 14 Pro Max they have already been around the web. Smartphones that have left their mark in a market that for several months has seemed to be looking for some real novelty that can arouse positive curiosity or open criticism.

iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

Apple, like no other company, is once again able to grasp the perfect formula to move most of the technology enthusiasts who in the past few hours have poured rivers of words into the various portals that have announced the new Apple smartphones. The mix is ​​always the same: beautiful presentation, perfect marketing, an idea bordering on the banal and a flawless realization of the same that makes a “minus” pass for something unique and desirable.

The notch disappears, in its place a dynamic island that is three times larger than the holes implemented by the competitors but which at the same time becomes a distinctive, functional and graphically integrated element within a hardware and software structure where everything seems to float in a game of perfect animations.

Apple again teaches competitors the simplicity of an idea well done and closes it all by positioning the iPhone 14 Pro at a price where no one has ever gone before: starting from € 1339.

But why should iPhone 14 Pro be bought on Day One?

The question is obviously provocative but in reality the answer is more complex than one might think. iPhone 13 Pro was marketed a year ago at 1189 € for the 128GB version . Today, despite the time that has elapsed, iPhone 13 Pro is hardly under € 950 and its price is still very high.

Iphone 14 Series
Iphone 14 Series

A loss of about 20% net of particular offers or isolated pricing errors. If we were to take the same values ​​and apply them to the iPhone 14 Pro, in a year the smartphone should touch, on average, about € 1070. A still very high figure that creates a small paradox: who would ever buy a one-year “old” iPhone by spending over € 1070? It wouldn’t make any sense since the iPhone 14s / 15 is about to come out – maybe with Type-C.

A reasoning that, however provocative, makes sense even if we shorten the time to 6 months or even 3 months. Net of price errors or special offers, the cost of top-of-the-range iPhones drops very consistently and slowly and therefore does not undergo real repositioning and in 6 months, iPhone 14 Pro, will probably be around € 1200.

The higher the positioning of the iPhone, the more paradoxically it would make sense to buy it immediately considering the slow devaluation over time. Obviously it will not be easy – even considering the historical period we are experiencing – to have almost 1400 € available for a smartphone (why don’t you want to buy the case and maybe even a new charger?) But if we analyze the Apple purchase options, we can do another small observation.

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iPhone 14 Pro on Day One you could pay € 55 per month for 24 months without interest (even more important if purchased with an operator formula with an attached tariff plan). The same iPhone, taking the price trend assumed above, in a year you would pay about € 1070, that is, about € 45 per month for 24 months. In this scenario you would have waited 1 year to have a “saving” of 10 € per month to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro (to which of course another 10 € per month will be added for the next 12 months).

Now, frankly said, if you want to buy yourself a new $ 1339 iPhone 14 Pro, does it really make sense to wait a year to save $ 10 a month for 24 months? So here is that the initial provocation could make some sense and considering the exorbitant price that the iPhone 14 Pro has today, its cost will not be so different in the future and therefore it will certainly not be a real saving to wait, but a renunciation to twelve months of use for a small difference.

If € 10 a month wasn’t a small difference, you probably have already expressed your disdain for the price in the comments before reaching the end of this article.

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