Will Ferrell’s Hilarious Prom Prank Goes Viral on TikTok


Will Ferrell, the comedic legend known for his outrageous characters and side-splitting skits, has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of humor. That sense of humor extends to his family life as well. Recently, Ferrell’s eldest son, Magnus, took to TikTok to share a hilarious story about how his father managed to embarrass him in the most epic way possible – at prom!

Will Ferrell's Hilarious Prom
Will Ferrell’s Hilarious Prom

The Power of Parents: Rating Dad’s Antics on TikTok

The trend on TikTok involves users playfully rating their parents’ and family members’ actions throughout their lives. Magnus, joining in on the fun, captioned the first slide of his post, “Rating things my dad has done.” However, it was the second slide that truly captured the internet’s attention. Here, a throwback photo revealed an unforgettable moment for the father-son duo.

A Knight to Remember (or Not): Medieval Mischief at Prom Night

The photo showcased a scene straight out of a medieval fantasy film. Dressed in full knightly attire, complete with armor and a plumed helmet, stood none other than Will Ferrell. Juxtaposed to his father’s flamboyant outfit was Magnus, sporting a more traditional prom look in a gray suit. The caption left no room for interpretation: “Dressed as a medieval lord to embarrass me at prom 10000/10,” Magnus wrote, followed by a confirming “True Story” in the caption below the photo.

Viral Embarrassment: The Internet Reacts

The TikTok post quickly became a viral sensation, racking up over 39 million views at the time of writing. Fans of Will Ferrell were taken aback, many seemingly unaware of the actor’s family life. Comments flooded the post’s section, expressing surprise and amusement. “I was like ‘Wait is that Will Ferrell… OMG, HE HAS KIDS?'” one user wrote, perfectly encapsulating the collective surprise. Another user chimed in, adding, “THERE IS A MINI WILL FERRELL!?!”

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A Sense of Humor All Around: Magnus Responds to Fans

Always one to embrace the fun, Magnus playfully responded to these comments. When questioned about his father’s identity, he jokingly wrote that it wasn’t Will Ferrell at all, but rather Chad Smith, the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who has often been compared to Ferrell due to a resemblance. This witty response only added to the lighthearted spirit of the post.

Another comment praised Will’s medieval prom attire, stating, “Will Ferrell at your prom is awesome, if anything the fit makes it better.” With a touch of sarcasm (we hope!), Magnus replied, “NO I meant like I loved it!”

A Family Man with a Comedic Edge: Will Ferrell Beyond the Spotlight

While the story sheds light on Will Ferrell’s playful approach to fatherhood, it’s important to remember that he’s also a dedicated family man. Married to Viveca Paulin, the couple share three sons – Magnus, Mattias, and Axel. While Will might occasionally embarrass his kids (in this case, hilariously!), there’s no doubt that family holds a special place in his life.

Conclusion: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Will Ferrell’s prom prank on his son is a testament to his enduring comedic spirit. It reminds us that laughter, even at our own expense, can be a powerful tool for bonding and creating lasting memories. Magnus’ willingness to share this story online speaks volumes about their family dynamic – one built on love, humor, and an ability to laugh at themselves. And who knows, maybe this viral moment will inspire other parents to embrace their inner jokester and create some unforgettable (and perhaps slightly embarrassing) moments for their children!