Will Samsung finally abandon the Exynos brand?


Probably from 2024 or 2025

Samsung may abandon the Exynos brand, replacing it with another.


According to insider OreXda, who previously announced the formation of the Samsung MX department before the company’s official announcement, the Exynos brand will be replaced by Dream Chip. It’s also worth noting that Revegnus has previously said that the Exynos 2400 will likely be Samsung’s last Exynos-branded SoC.

Will Samsung finally abandon the Exynos brand?

The new name was apparently chosen as Samsung was assembling a Dream Team to develop a completely new single-chip system for its future flagship smartphones. It is now believed that this will be Exynos 2500. More precisely, if the new data is correct, then the platform that would have been called Exynos 2500 will now be called differently.

The departure from the Exynos brand itself is quite logical, given the reputation of these platforms that has formed in recent years.

[Updated] Samsung has commented on the rumors. It turned out they were only partly true. The name Dream Chip (or simply Dream) actually exists as an internal project name. Probably a project to develop Exynos 2500. But at the same time, the Korean giant is not going to give up the Exynos brand.

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