Windows 11’s share on Steam has fallen, but not for long

Support for OS versions prior to Windows 10 will soon end

Microsoft’s latest operating system is quite popular among gamers. However, according to recent statistics published by Valve on the digital distribution platform Steam, the popularity of Windows 11 is declining.

Windows 11's
Windows 11’s

Windows 10 has recovered from falling below 56% in August 2023. Microsoft’s not-so-new operating system now holds nearly 57.97%, up 1.99 percentage points from the previous month.

Windows 11’s share on Steam has fallen, but not for long

At the same time, the share of Windows 11 fell from 39.22% in August to 37.43%. Windows 11 and 10 together account for more than 95% of all Steam users. However, the situation will soon change, as Valve plans to stop supporting OS versions released before Windows 10 in January 2024. This step will be taken due to the recent end of support for Chromium in Windows 7 and 8.

So, the full rating looks like this:

Windows 10 64-bit – 57.97%

Windows 11 – 37.43%

Windows 7 64-bit – 1.23%

Windows 8.1 64-bit – 0.18%

Windows 7 32-bit – 0.06%

Other operating systems’ market shares on Steam are similar to Windows 7’s, with 1.43% using macOS and 1.63% using Linux.

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