Windows 12 coming out next year?


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Windows 12

Intel is again pointing to a new version of Windows coming out next year. Intel CFO David Zinsner announced the update at the Citi conference, noting that against this background the company expects its revenues to grow.

Windows 12
Windows 12

In this case, everything is simple: with the release of a new version of Windows, many users decide to update their PCs, and for Intel, this means additional sales of processors (and not only).

Is Windows 12 coming out next year?

Earlier, we recall that Intel announced that it was releasing its Meteor Lake mobile CPUs, including for the next generation of Windows. Judging by the available leaks, the system will be called Windows 12.

Meteor Lake, we recall, will be presented in December, and the first laptops based on it will appear in early 2024. These processors will, among other things, be the first for Intel to have AI hardware, and Windows 12 is also expected to have a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence.


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