Xbox CEO Phil Spencer praises PlayStation 5 cooling system


Xbox CEO Phil Spencer praises PlayStation 5 cooling system

The unusual appearance, size and power of the new generation of game consoles – Xbox Series X and PlayStation – have forced Microsoft and Sony to develop their own unique approaches to organizing their cooling. Recently, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, took part in a virtual talk show by Gary Whitta, in which, among other things, the design of the PlayStation 5 game console was raised.


According to Spencer, he likes the way Sony approached the cooling issue for its game console:

“I love the design of what they did. I really respect the PlayStation team . 

The head of the Xbox continued the topic with a detailed analysis of the high requirements for the organization of cooling systems that the developers of both consoles had to face.

“I know physics, so I understand that it is very difficult. Cooling these consoles, the power and energy they contain, created a real challenge for developers. At the end of the day, we’re talking about console coolers whose CPUs and GPUs deliver the performance of a truly powerful personal computer , ”added Spencer.

Explaining the choice for the tower-like look of the Xbox Series X, Spencer said their team wanted an efficient yet quiet cooling system.

“We chose this design of the console because we wanted to use a large and not very fast fan in the cooling system, which would not make a lot of noise. We wanted a very quiet console, so we focused entirely on how to reduce its noise performance. As a result, we chose a constructive and functional approach that allows you to remove more heat using a large, but not very fast fan. Thanks to this, we managed to get rid of those shrill howling sounds that game consoles can sometimes make , ”explained the head of Xbox.

PlayStation 4 owners are well aware that the console sometimes, especially when launching graphically rich games, can sound like a jet engine of an airplane taking off. Sony previously said it went to great lengths to reduce the noise level of the PlayStation 5. Spencer said that running at higher CPU and GPU frequencies on the PlayStation 5 would generate even more heat, but Sony wasn’t the only one who had to deal with this problem.

“Given that the PlayStation 5 runs at higher clock speeds, it is clear that it generates more heat as well. But it’s not just Sony’s problem , ”Spencer said.

The Xbox Series X graphics system includes 52 Compute Units (CUs) operating at 1.825 GHz. The GPU of the Sony set-top box has 36 CUs operating at 2.23 GHz. Raising the frequency to such an extent will result in a significant increase in the heat generated by the chip, which somehow needs to be effectively removed outside the box. This is why Sony used this elongated tower design for the PS5, which many have already called the largest console in the PlayStation family.Unlike Microsoft, the Japanese company has not yet shown what the PlayStation 5 looks like inside, and what kind of cooling system it uses. But according to earlier rumors, Sony decided not to skimp on it. It was also said earlier that the unique architecture of the set-top box allows it to work with a constant level of power consumption, and not variable, which in turn will help solve the issue of abrupt start and stop of the cooling system fans.



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