Xiaomi 14 will get the latest MIOS out of the box, Snapdragon 8 Gen3


One month earlier than expected

The upcoming flagship smartphone Xiaomi 14 will receive a pink version, which, according to verified insider Digital Chat Station, looks beautiful.

The Xiaomi 14-screen bezel will be reduced to 1mm, setting a new industry record. Additionally, the Xiaomi 14 will come pre-installed with MIOS, a new operating system developed by Xiaomi that is focused on speed and smoothness.

Earlier there was information that MIOS will replace MIUI and become the new operating system for Xiaomi mobile phones. The important thing is that this is not just a matter of changing the name. This is a new operating system that, similar to HarmonyOS, will be used in Xiaomi smartphones, tablets, cars, and smart home devices.

Xiaomi 14 will get the latest MIOS out of the box, Snapdragon 8 Gen3

Xiaomi 14
Xiaomi 14

Xiaomi 14 is expected to be the first smartphone to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 SoC, manufactured using N4P process technology by TSMC.

Digital Chat Station reported that the Xiaomi 14 line of smartphones will be presented at the end of October, a month earlier than previously reported.

Digital Chat Station was the first to accurately report the specifications and release dates of the Redmi K60 and Xiaomi 13.

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