Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro Cameras Receive Big Update


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

Improved movie shooting capabilities

Xiaomi developers have published the next firmware update for the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro smartphones, which has improved and expanded the camera capabilities of these flagships.

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro

Firstly, the operation of the image stabilization system when shooting a video (Super Stabilizer Plus) was improved, which allows you to get a smoother video when shooting handheld.

When shooting video, there is support for smooth zoom, the serial shooting of photos, customizable parameters for professional video mode (adjustable white balance, focus options, shutter time, ISO, exposure) have appeared, new processing effects have been added.

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro Cameras Receive Big Update

Improved video recording in 8K resolution, screenshots from the video is taken with one click. Added the ability to set time tags in long videos, which allows you to conveniently view them quickly moving to the right place.

A new image compression algorithm has been added, which allows you to save space in the gallery without losing quality. Also added are new intelligent functions for analyzing footage and automatically creating videos with various music. Such videos have a great toolkit for editing, adding new effects, text and so on.

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