Xiaomi trimmer introduced for $8


It’s for the nose

Xiaomi introduced the Mijia electric nose trimmer and also announced the start of accepting pre-orders.

At the stage of collective financing on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, the price of the new product is only $8, sales will begin on October 18.

The cutting head has a nano-antibacterial coating, which is 99% effective. The device has a magnetic protective cover and a hidden switch button design to prevent accidental touches. The cutting head can be removed and washed.

Xiaomi trimmer introduced for $8

Xiaomi trimmer
Xiaomi trimmer

The blade does not touch the nasal cavity due to its design and leaves a certain length of hair in the nose so that it can trap inhaled dust and bacteria.

The trimmer is equipped with a high-speed and low-noise micromotor, the rotation speed can stably reach 6500 rpm, and the generated noise is 33.8 dB.

The battery life is up to 90 minutes; the manufacturer claims that on average the user will have enough charge for a year.

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