Zhiyun Smooth X, a professional quality gimbal for only 70 euros

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Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 08:04 pm

Mobile camera technology is getting better every day, and its optical stabilizers are no exception. Currently, you can record moving scenes with a fairly decent quality only with your mobile, but if you want something professional you need support.

Zhiyun Smooth X

A good gimbal is the best accessory for these purposes since it gives unmatched stability to your mobile. In this way, you can record scenes with a lot of movement, without worrying about the image being blurred. The new Zhiyun Smooth X, one of the best gimbals for your mobile, has all that and more. And it comes with a super price!

Zhiyun Smooth X, the perfect gimbal for professional-quality moving video

Zhiyun is one of the most important manufacturers of gimbal for mobile phones and cameras. This is something that not only its users ensure, but we confirm with an earlier model when analyzing the Zhiyun Smooth 3.

The first thing we can say about this new gimbal is that its size is very compact. The Smooth X measures just 65 x 56 x 145 millimetres when folded, so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and weighs just 246 grams. However, its small size does not limit its capabilities, since you can extend it up to 26 centimetres as if it were a selfie stick! It is a full-blown multipurpose gimbal.

Do you want more? The Zhiyun Smooth X has several buttons that allow you to operate your mobile remotely, thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Thus, with the M button, you can change the camera mode, and with the side buttons, you will control the zoom.

In addition, it has its own record button and another extra that will allow you to change the position of the mobile from vertical to horizontal quickly so you don’t miss a thing. Absolute control of your mobile remotely!

The Zhiyun Smooth X has a lot of autonomy, and gesture control

Zhiyun Smooth X Quality
Zhiyun Smooth X Quality

If all of the above wasn’t enough for you, there are still a couple of things to mention about this gimbal. The new Smooth X has 4 hours of autonomy, and its consumption is so low that you can connect any power bank to it to charge while you continue recording.

Besides, its support allows it to be used with any smartphone on the market, whether it has Android or iOS. Anything else? Yes! The Smooth X has smart gesture controls, so you don’t have to set the timer, or take a photo by tapping the phone, for example.

The Zhiyun Smooth X also has a very complete application, which will allow you to record in slow or fast motion, do immersive time-lapse, and much more. What if you need to edit or receive some recommendations? The ZY Cami app allows you to add musical templates, special effects and even recommend movements for certain shots.

The app is designed specifically for Smooth X, and it will also let you cut, add subtitles, stickers, transitions, filters and more to your video. All in a matter of minutes!

Zhiyun’s Smooth X gimbal can be yours for just 70 euros

Zhiyun's Smooth X gimbal
Zhiyun’s Smooth X gimbal

At the beginning of this article, we commented that the price was fantastic, and we did not lie. You can have all of the above for just 70 euros, a very difficult price to beat for a device with so many functions. Besides, you can buy it directly from the Zhiyun store on Amazon, with free shipping and its respective guarantee.

It is certainly a fantastic purchase for your professional recording projects, or a great accessory if you just want to enjoy it with your friends.

Honestly, you wo n’t get a better gimbal than this for that price , so don’t let it go, because it may run out and you may run out of one.

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