10 unusual interactive stories: Deconstructeam to release Essays on Empathy in May


10 unusual interactive stories: Deconstructeam to release Essays on Empathy in May

Spanish studio Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital, responsible for the cyberpunk adventure The Red Strings Club, have announced Essays on Empathy for PC ( Steam ) on May 18th. In it, Deconstructeam has tried to bring new experiences to the narrative genre.

Essay on empathy
Essay on empathy

Essays on Empathy is a collection of 10 extraordinary interactive stories about the lives of diverse characters from all walks of life: a couple of comedians trying to succeed, a hitman working in a flower shop, or a schoolgirl convinced skeleton does not belong to her. For 5 hours, you have to plunge into the world of rich imagination, as well as vivid and varied gameplay.

The game is accompanied by over 2 hours of original music by Paula Ruiz, known as finger spit. Deconstructeam has also provided bonus content that includes sketches, design ideas, and a short documentary made specifically for this collection.

Unfortunately, some circumstances can make it difficult to attract a wide audience. While Russian localization is not mentioned even in the form of subtitles – English language skills are required. Also, the description of the game informs about the content with an age limit. Pixel graphics are ready to smooth out a lot of visual roughness. At the same time, the recommended system requirements are so simple that the game could well run on mobile devices.

The Red Strings Club, released in 2018, also had an age limit of 16+. In our review, Alexey Likhachev described the game as an atmospheric, interesting, exciting, and unusual cyberpunk adventure that will remain in my memory for a long time.

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