30-watt portable battery. Realme Dart Charge Power Bank will be released tomorrow


Its capacity is 10,000 mAh

A couple of months ago, Realme introduced 10,000 mAh external batteries. The regular model supports 18-watt charging, and this device is already on sale.

Realme Dart Charge
Realme Dart Charge

30-watt portable battery. Realme Dart Charge Power Bank will be released tomorrow

But we were also shown a version of Dart Charge Power Bank with the same capacity, but support for already 30-watt charging. However, at that time, Realme did not name the release date of this product, nor the cost.

We still do not know anything about the price, but with the dates, the situation has become clearer. It is reported that Dart Charge Power Bank will enter the market tomorrow. In the native Indian market, the manufacturer will present tomorrow the Realme C11 and Realme 6i smartphones, which are already well known to us, and will also release the same Dart Charge Power Bank battery. There are no hints at the price yet, but the regular Realme 10000mAh Power Bank 2 model in India costs about $ 13.



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