440-megapixel camera already in the Galaxy S25 Ultra?


And at the same time, apparently, their first inch sensor

Samsung doesn’t seem to have said goodbye to its intention of releasing a camera with a resolution far beyond the current maximum of 200MP. According to recent data, the new module will be released next year.

Galaxy S25 Ultra
Galaxy S25 Ultra

More precisely, there will be three of them:

  • GN6 with a resolution of 50 megapixels and 1.6 micron pixels;
  • HP7 with 200 MP resolution and 0.6 micron pixels;
  • HU1 with a resolution of 440 MP.

440-megapixel camera already in the Galaxy S25 Ultra?

For the latter, the pixel size is unknown, so it’s not even possible to talk about the size of the sensor. But there are others. For example, GN6 will be larger than GN2, since the latter has 1.4 micron pixels. This means that the GN6 will be larger than 1/1.12 inches. Quite possibly, this will be Samsung’s first inch sensor.

HP7 will also be slightly larger than, for example, HP3, since the latter has 0.56 micron pixels. That is, HP7 will be larger than 1/1.4 inch.

It is also worth saying that these sensors will presumably go into production only towards the end of 2024, that is, they should not be expected in the flagships of Samsung in 2024. But the Galaxy S25 Ultra may well get the same 440-megapixel sensor.

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