A drummer with no soul. Robot-humanoid Xiaomi CyberOne was seated behind a digital drum kit


CyberOne can do more than just walk

Robotization is one of the most promising areas in the industry. At the current stage, humanoid robots cannot yet compete with humans in universality, but with some specific tasks (and with certain training) they can cope not much worse. So, for example, Xiaomi tested its humanoid robot CyberOne as a drummer.

Robot-humanoid Xiaomi
Robot-humanoid Xiaomi

Compared to an ordinary person, such a drummer looks strange and even awkward, but he copes with his task. True, in China, this video caused ridicule: in the comments to the video, users say that CyberOne “can beat the rhythm, but it has no soul” and that it is “too tight.” It is good that the robot does not read social networks and cannot feel resentment.

Recall that Xiaomi introduced CyberOne in August this year . The robot is 177 cm tall and weighs 52 kg. The robot is not a commercial product – it is a research project. And, apparently, the role of a drummer is part of this project.

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