A pirate saga in three parts: a mobile game development studio presented the spiritual heir of the “Corsairs”


A pirate saga in three parts: a mobile game development studio presented the spiritual heir of the “Corsairs”

Developers of mobile games and applications from the Ukrainian studio Mauris announced Corsairs Legacy – a trilogy of pirate role-playing action games inspired by the domestic series “Corsairs“.

Corsairs Legacy
Corsairs Legacy

After analyzing the franchise experience, the Mauris team concluded that Corsairs are complex games and therefore decided to create Corsairs Legacy in parts: land, sea, and open world.

The first part of Corsairs Legacy will be released in 2021 on PC ( Steam ), “will take the best of the RPG-mode” Corsairs “and will allow the player to play on a modern engine, with modern graphics, with updated, relevant mechanics

In 2022, the release of the game, which combines the “land RPG and sailing modes,” is planned, and in 2023 the Corsairs Legacy trilogy will end with the release of an open-world project.

Unlike Black Sun Game Publishing with its “Corsairs: The Black Mark,” Mauris is not going to ask the players for money“We will develop the game at our own expense, using the funds that we receive from our current projects


Mauris has low expectations for the upcoming release. Corsairs Legacy does not claim the title of AAA-blockbuster: the team hopes that the first part will be able to claim the title of at least “quality AA.”

After the release of Corsairs Legacy, the team promised to develop the project further, start “working with feedback from players, release a patch every month with improvements and fixes

As noted in Mauris, the studio decided on the announcement of Corsairs Legacy only after it gathered a team, implemented all the basic mechanics of the role-playing mode, and received “acceptable results in terms of graphics alpha version of the game

Shortly, Mauris is scheduled to communicate with the press and fans and regular (once every two weeks) reports on the progress of development on the official YouTube channel of the initiative.

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As for the previously mentioned “Corsairs: Black Mark,” their story was cut short before it really began. Black Sun Game Publishing has already “closed long ago” by June 2020 while retaining the rights to the series.



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