A simple website builder has appeared on VKontakte for free


Last updated on May 2nd, 2023 at 08:10 pm

Websites can be built from communities

The team of the VKontakte social network announced the launch of a new function – a simple website builder for business. 


A simple website builder has appeared on VKontakte for free

As the developers promise, with the help of this constructor everyone can create a “full-fledged landing page” for free and from any device. An ordinary community becomes the basis of the future site. 

It is noted that the setup does not require any special knowledge and takes several minutes, and even those who are not authorized in the social network will be able to view the page and contact the seller – an account on VKontakte is not required for this.

To create your own site from the community, you need to go to the community settings, select “Site from the community” and click “Create”. Almost all fields are automatically filled in with information from the community, and there will be only three mandatory fields: a title, a description, and an action button (for example, “Send a request”, “Call by phone” or “Write to mail”). For the background, you can upload any image, but if a suitable one is not at hand, then a gradient will form the basis of the site. As a result, the creator receives a short link, which will look like vk.link/ community_name.

You can add additional information to the site, for example, a selection of products, customer reviews, pictures of products or services. To add all this, just put a couple of checkboxes – the materials will be downloaded from the VKontakte community.

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The created site will be optimized for promotion: visitors will see the most important information and buttons with a call to action – including a form where you can leave contacts.

You can view and create sites from any device. In the future, the social network team will add the ability to post content from the community, as well as offer design options and integrations with advertising tools.

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