The domestic alternative to Google Play has become better: RuStore has the ability to make in-app purchases


New functionality implemented using Sberbank technologies

The team of the RuStore online application store for the Android operating system, the domestic analogue of Google Play, announced the launch of an application update.

Google Play
Google Play

Now developers will be able to monetize applications for the Android operating system, and users will be able to buy subscriptions and make one-time purchases in RuStore. The new functionality is implemented using Sberbank technologies.

According to the developers, users can pay using one of the most popular methods. To make payments in applications hosted in RuStore, you need to link a bank card in your personal account.

RuStore project manager Ivan Myzdrikov explained:

Many developers have lost the opportunity to monetize their applications on other platforms in Russia, but now they will be able to do it on RuStore. This is a logical step in the development of our service, which was expected not only by developers, but also by users. Now they can easily and securely pay for services and virtual goods in their favorite applications: upgrade game characters, buy e-books, subscribe to movies and much more.

In order to start accepting payments from users, the developer needs to activate the monetization function in the RuStore personal account. The commission will be 15%.

If a developer monetizes his application in RuStore through a paid subscription, he can specify the duration of the subscription and other parameters or payment restrictions on the application page. You can also monetize the application with one-time payments, for example, when paying for game currency or access to a new game level. Further opportunities for monetization will become available in the future, and users will receive additional payment methods. 

Recall that RuStore was created by VK (formerly Group) under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development. This catalog of applications for their smartphones became available in May, and anyone can install it.

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