Admit it, you also dreamed about this. Samsung allowed to mix Galaxy Buds + different colors in one set


Sorry, the exclusive offer is not for everyone.

Samsung has launched an unusual mix and matches offering for users in South Korea.

Galaxy Buds +
Galaxy Buds +

Admit it, you also dreamed about this. Samsung allowed mixing Galaxy Buds + different colors in one set

It is proposed not only to choose Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones in the available color options, but to mix headphones of different colors into one set, and also to take a case of any color.

You can, for example, select the red right earphone and the white left earphone, supplementing them with a blue charging case. Buyers will also be given a special gift – a transparent case on the case, a set of stickers and a keychain.

The promotion is valid for visitors of two Samsung flagship stores in Korea from May 1 to June 30. One can only hope that Samsung decides to expand the action to other regions. And then other manufacturers will take an example from it.

At the moment, Galaxy Buds + are offered in five versions – black, white, red, blue, and pink. Only four are officially offered in Russia – without pink.

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