Almost Everywhere 60 FPS: Backwards Compatible On Xbox Series X Tested

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Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 08:34 pm

Almost Everywhere 60 FPS: Backwards Compatible On Xbox Series X Tested

The next-gen Xbox Series X console is in the hands of Western media. They shared their impressions of the capabilities of the new device and told a lot of interesting information. At the same time, experts from the technical department of the Eurogamer (Digital Foundry) publication published a report on testing the performance of the Xbox Series X in the games of the previous generation, launched thanks to backward compatibility.


Considering this is backward compatible, Xbox One games on Xbox Series X run at their maximum resolution. However, some projects will be included in the enhancement program and will be able to play in 4K, such as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (which is limited to 1080p). In some games, this will also increase the frame rate. By the way, if the FPS of the project was not limited, then on the Xbox Series X its indicator can be much higher than on the Xbox One X.

A similar example is Grand Theft Auto IV – the Digital Foundry specialists noted a flat frame rate of 60 frames / s. For comparison, on the Xbox 360, the game ran at 35-40 fps, on the Xbox One X – from 30 to 55 fps. Grand Theft Auto IV’s vaunted SDR to HDR auto-translation function failed: the character in the white jacket got an ultra-white effect, while the white road markings had an unnatural glow. In addition, a Eurogamer employee wrote that Microsoft is still testing the feature and disabling it where it does not work correctly.

But it was a game for Xbox 360. In projects for Xbox One, the frequency sometimes does not reach 60 frames / s in graphics mode. However, gaming performance is in some cases twice as good as on previous generation consoles. For example, Dead or Alive 6, HitmanHitman 2, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You can see more comparisons in the video above.

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