AMD doesn’t think Moore’s Law is dead.


AMD is already working on 3nm products

Head of AMD Lisa Su (Lisa Su) in an interview with Barron’s said that in her opinion, Moore’s law is not dead, but still continues to work. 


At the same time, AMD believes that the future of the processor market lies in chiplets and three-dimensional packaging of components. It is in this direction that AMD will continue to move, that is, the company is not going to refuse chiplets. 

AMD doesn’t think Moore’s Law is dead.

I would definitely say that I don’t think Moore’s Law is dead. I think Moore’s law has slowed down. We must use a variety of approaches to keep gaining productivity and energy efficiency

We made chiplets – it was a big step. Now we have done 3D packaging. We think there are a number of other innovations as well. 

Software and algorithms are also very important. I think you need all of these parts in order to continue working in this direction. 

The head of AMD also noted that the company is already working on 3nm solutions and is already evaluating the capabilities of the 2nm process technology. Recall that now only AMD offers x86-compatible CPUs, which are manufactured according to 4 nm standards. So far, Intel has only mass-produced the Intel 7 process, which is a rebranded 10nm process. 

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