Android Auto has a strange GPS issue


It occurs when using Google Maps, the reason is not yet clear

In the past few days, users of the Android Auto car platform have started complaining about a problem with GPS when using Google Maps.


The problem, in which the words “Searching GPS” is displayed on the screen, was encountered by users of different car models, smartphones and versions of Android Auto.

As noted on the profile resource, it is strange that the problem does not occur when using the Google Maps application outside of Android Auto. Also, users report that this only happens after the phone has been put to sleep with the screen turned off.

A guaranteed working solution has not yet been developed. For some users, the crash disappeared after they gave the Google Maps app on their smartphone a permanent permission to access location data. For others, everything returned to normal after turning off the power saving mode. These solutions don’t really explain why the issue only occurred in the last few days.

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