Nintendo Warns Switch Users About Condensation Accumulation


One press of the power button is not enough

Nintendo Japan Support has posted a warning to all Switch console owners on their official Twitter page about possible condensation buildup on the inside of the display.


According to the report, if the set-top box is located in a place where the temperature changes dramatically, condensation may form in it. Since condensation is moisture, and moisture and electronics usually don’t mix well, the warning can be a little alarming for users.

However, Nintendo told what to do in case of condensation. Users are advised to completely turn off the power to the console, put the console in a warm place and wait until the drops dry. 

It is worth remembering that simply pressing the power button does not turn off the console completely, but only puts it into sleep mode. To really turn off the device, you must press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds. At this point, the power off menu should appear. 

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