Apex Legends Season 9 Trailer Shows Off Valkyrie And New 3×3 Mode


Apex Legends Season 9 Trailer Shows Off Valkyrie And New 3×3 Mode

The next season 9 of Apex Legends‘ Battle Royale, Legacy, will launch on May 4th. His main innovation will be a new legend – Valkyrie, to which the recently released short film was dedicated. Now Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a new trailer giving more information about the new season.

Apex legends
Apex legends

The video is entirely devoted to the new mode of “Arena” 3 × 3. In it, fighters in squads of three people fight in different places on the maps “Olympus,” “End of the World,” and “Kings Canyon.” Also introduced to the players is Ash, infamous for Titanfall 2 fans. She says, “You call yourself a legend. It’s time for a new game. Mere victories cannot measure a champion’s legacy. It is measured by determination. Devotion to a single goal. Freedom. Confidence. Retribution. It’s time to bring the legends back to where it all began to that modest underground brutality. Meet the legacy of the Apex Raptors. Welcome to the arenas. “

The developers themselves, in the description of the video, say: “You can’t hide this season, legends. Ready to find out if you are a predator or a prey? Discover your true nature as the new season of Apex Legends launches. Get ready for more serious tests “royal battle.”

Finally, the video shows Valkyrie, the daughter of a titan pilot named “Gyurza,” in the case. With the help of her jetpack (created from the remains of her father’s robot), she can soar into the sky and unleashes a shower of missiles on enemies. It is also shown how she uses a new weapon – the high-precision bow “Bocek,” which allows you to pierce enemies one by one. It is a formidable weapon at medium range but requires accurate hits to be effective.

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The new season also promises an infected Olympus – as the description says, the infection that escaped to freedom strangled the city with roots and wild vegetation, bizarrely transforming everything around. Of course, there will be a new Battle Pass and rating skirmishes.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

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