Video: Battle Titans and a New Legend in the Fresh Apex Legends Short


Video: Battle Titans and a New Legend in the Fresh Apex Legends Short

Electronic Arts Publishing and Respawn Entertainment have released the Apex Legends Battle Royale animated short “Northstar” from the “Stories from The Outer Lands” series. The video featured Cuben Blisk (a South African mercenary pilot, leader of the “Supreme Raptors”) from the Titanfall games. First of all, the video introduces us to a new legend – Valkyrie.

Apex legends
Apex legends

Cuben Blisk, who is part of the infamous Apex games, tells the emergence of a new legend associated with the Titanfall universe. A significant part of the video is devoted to titans – large combat humanoid robotic exoskeletons. Valkyrie is the daughter of the famous Titan pilot named “Gyurza.” Her name is Kairi Imahara – she is brave, daring, passionate, and ferocious. Having lived for years in the shadow of her father’s legacy, now the heroine is ready to start her own legend.

Kairi inherited a love of flying, and once, as a child, she flew her father’s old titan “Nordstar,” which almost cost the girl her life. But with a sense of duty, the heroine is not very. The video shows a hot clash between “little Gyurza” and Blisk, whom Valkyrie blames for her father’s death, as well as her decision to take part in the Apex games.


With the help of what’s left of her father’s Titan Nordstar, Kairi seems poised to set the stage for her opponents. The developers promise the imminent appearance of the Valkyrie in the arena and the publication of details.

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Apex Legends is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

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