Apple Expands Advertising Business Amid iOS Privacy Policy Changes


Apple Expands Advertising Business Amid iOS Privacy Policy Changes

Apple will expand its advertising business as new privacy regulations for the iOS platform will likely hurt ads from competitors such as Facebook. The Financial Times writes about this concerning its own informed sources.


Apple currently sells ads on the App Store, a digital content store search engine so that developers can promote their products in search results. Curiously, TikTok is now the top search engine for Twitter when you search for “Twitter” in the Apple store. According to reports, Apple will add a new ad unit to the Recommended Apps section of the App Store later this month. The source says that the new section will become another promotion tool for developers. Unlike ads in search, the new section will be shown to all users of the platform.

While Apple officials declined to comment on the matter, new opportunities to promote apps in the App Store indicate that the company plans to expand its advertising business. Apple’s desire to expand its influence in online advertising is not surprising because globally, this market is estimated at $ 350 billion, and the main players here are Facebook and Google.

IOS 14.5 is due to launch next week, with new privacy rules coming into effect. By them, developers will no longer track user activity to serve personalized ads without users’ explicit consent. It is expected that many users of iOS devices will not permit to collect data, which will seriously affect the mobile advertising market. Apple says it will improve user data privacy, but major advertisers, including Facebook, have criticized Apple’s new policy.

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It’s worth noting that Apple has long sought to become a major player in the mobile advertising market. In 2010, Apple acquired Quattro Wireless for $ 275 million and AdMob for $ 750 million, which specialize in mobile advertising. That same year, Apple launched the iAd ad service, which closed in 2016. Apple’s new attempt at a leading position in the mobile advertising market may prove more successful.

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