Reporters showed 45 minutes of gameplay of the roguelike shooter Returnal

Reporters showed 45 minutes of gameplay of the roguelike shooter Returnal

Today, April 22, at 3:00 Moscow time, the ban on the publication of preliminary reviews of the roguelike shooter Returnal expired. The Internet was filled with both text materials and new gameplay videos.

roguelike shooter Returnal

Judging by the videos published on YouTube channels of various specialized publications, it was allowed to show no more than 45 minutes of the new creation of the Finnish studio Housemarque from the start of the passage.

During the allotted time period, the journalists managed to get acquainted with the basics of the gameplay, encounter several types of monsters and die a couple of times. Still, in any case, they did not go beyond the first location.

Some portals like IGN and GameXplain preferred to publish videos without comments, but in high quality (4K, 60 fps), while others, for example, Game Informer, chose the live broadcast format.

Based on the text materials, the journalists spent about 3-4 hours in Returnal and tried the first two locations – the forest and the desert, shown in the video, which appeared more than once in trailers.

In the allotted time, the plot of Returnal does not have time to form into a single picture, but it constantly throws up new crumbs of intriguing information. As for the complexity, then, at least to the IGN employee, it did not seem overstated.

Return is expected to be released on April 30 this year exclusively on PlayStation 5. At the beginning of the week, the Exophase website revealed a complete list of game trophies, including a platinum one.

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